Our projects

Malesice Apartments - Czech Republic

People, city and greenery symbiosis. The nearly 600 unit residential project in Prague 10 provides reasonably priced apartments and ground floor retail space in a central location of the Czech capital. Besides providing modern living in tall towers, the philosophy of the project is to cover its facades, roofs and atrium with greenery. On site gardeners maintain the nature and security guards watch after the order of things. More information on website HERE. You can also watch video presentation.

Krásná Hůrka - Czech Republic

The 256 unit residential Krásná Hůrka project with ground floor retail space, located right on Hurka metro station in Prague 13, offers completed, ready to move, apartments. Right in the center of the Hurka district, all amenities are available in the location. This modern project also features underground parking. 


Sidi Angel - Hungary

The huge, 328 flats residential building – realized by one of the company subsidiary called Athina Ltd.  - is located in the XIII. district of Budapest - near to town center and Metro station, with ground floor containing 2300 m2, 9 apartment floors totaling 28.000 m2 above ground area, and 3 underground levels with storages, and parkings.

The XIII. district is one of the most developed parts of Budapest, many residential and commercial investments were executed in the last 20 years. The building will show a very attractive view with the 4 towers cornered by 3 silent streets. Visit SIDI Angel website for more >>

Sidi City - Hungary

The project is realized by the Company subsidiary Fehér-Liget Ltd,. This project is located in the X. district at Fehér road – Gyógyszergyári road area. The size of the plot is 10 ha. All together about 183.000 m2 to be built on the plot. One of the big advantages of the project is the very good location close to the  Metro station and few big shopping centers like IKEA, SUGAR market and one of the most popular sopping mall, ARKAD. another big advantage of the investment is its being situated in aformer forest which will give the residents the benefit of quiet nature life in the city.

SIDI City project consists of 2 parts:
The first is a big commercial, offices and hotel areas parallel with Fehér road.

  • commercial area - 12.000 m2
  • office area - 41.000 m2
  • hotel - 13.800 m2.
  • underground area for parking.

The buildings will get very modern attractive façade solution. See pictures.

The second is the residential area. This part of the project is located parallel with Gyógyszergyári road. The 5 buildings – 23.500 m2 / 250 apartments each – form all together 117.500 m2 / 1250 total apartments above ground and in addition the underground parking and open air parking area. One medical centre (3.560 m2) for clinics will be connected to this part, separating the residential buildings from the commercial area.

Antokolsky - Israel - one example of various projects of

B.Yair Ltd.

Antokolsky Bauhaus Boutique is inspired by the clean cut minimalism and innovative design of Bauhaus architecture that characterised the early days of Tel Aviv. The use of natural stone, wood, glass and exposed metal sculptured into exciting architectural designs gives this project a unique identity whilst retaining a deep respect for the essential character of the building, street and neighborhood. Acclaimed architects Bar Orion were selected to design the residence using their vast Bauhaus experience and specialisation in the renovation and preservation of historical buildings. Detailed informaton on Antokolsky website, or for more information about projects in Israel, visit B. Yair ltd. website. You can also watch Antokolsky video presentation.