Czech Republic

Malesice Apartments - Czech Republic

People, city and greenery symbiosis. The nearly 600 unit residential project in Prague 10 provides reasonably priced apartments and ground floor retail space in a central location of the Czech capital. Besides providing modern living in tall towers, the philosophy of the project is to cover its facades, roofs and atrium with greenery. On site gardeners maintain the nature and security guards watch after the order of things. Other features include underground parking and view point roof on the tallest tower. More HERE.

Krásná Hůrka - Czech Republic

The 256 unit residential Krásná Hůrka project with ground floor retail space, located right on Hurka metro station in Prague 13, offers completed, ready to move, apartments. Right in the center of the Hurka district, all amenities are available in the location. This modern project also features underground parking.