About us

SIDI Investments Ltd. was founded in April 2006, registered on 10th July 2006. The founding partner is by B. Yair Ltd. Israel (100%). SIDI is an international investment company focusing on residential development, property construction and rental investment. It is a large developer of mainly residential, but also commercial property. Currently SIDI is developing four projects in two Central & Eastern Europe countries – Czech and Hungary.

B. Yair Ltd. Israel

In 2006 B. Yair Ltd. decided to enter the European market  (Central & Eastern Europe) with its subsidiary company SIDI investments.

The B. Yair Group is one of Israel’s foremost construction and development companies, a public company that specializes in initiating large-scale projects in Israel and around the world. The B. Yair Group has been active for 25 years, established by Yossi and Yair Biton, who still control the company. It operates through several subsidiaries – an entrepreneurial branch, an executing branch, dedicated companies (SPC), and an international company that specializes in initiating and building projects abroad. The company is registered in the contractor’s ledger as an unlimited company, as is its executing subsidiary. In 2006, B. Yair became a public company. Visit B. Yair website for more information >>

The directors of the company are

Yair Biton

Yair Biton - Chairman of Board of Directors - Born in 1957, resident of Jerusalem, B. Yair Co-founder and Chairman of the Board. Past Chairman of Jerusalem Contractors Association.

Yosef Biton - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors - Born in 1954, resident of Jerusalem and B. Yair Co-founder.

Nir Yechzkely, CEO


SIDI Czech Republic

SIDI Czech Republic was founded in 2006 as the sole subsidiary of Sidi Investments, focusing on property development. Its first project was completed in 2010 in Prague 13, called “Krásná Hůrka”. The project containing some 251 modern apartments and retail permises. The second, and on going SIDI project in Prague, is the “ByTy Malesice” project in Prague 10. The project consists of 600 residential units and 5000 m2 of retail permises. The I. phase of the project was completed in April 2013 and the II. phase of the project will be completed in 2 years. Visit ByTy Malesice website for more information >>

SIDI Hungary

The purpose of the Hungarian Sidi Investments Kft. is to give a basis for the Central European Investments of the owners like constructing large scale residential neighborhoods,  offices, hotel and commercial investments. Realization of two big investments have been started in Hungary with the mentioned aims. Visit SIDI Angel website for more information >>

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